Monday, January 25, 2016

Another year, another post

It's been a both a wonderful and difficult one, but we're both on the other side now For now, I get to be deeply personal, as no one reads this anyway. :D

Losing first my girlfriend's mother and then 6 months later my father, then fighting with my family over perceived (incorrectly) slights... it's all been overwhelming. It's enough for me to begin playing Timon of Athens for real and wander off away from all these stubborn and/or self-focused people. Luckily, I found the most wonderful woman I've ever met, and she's kept me from becoming hard and bitter. If anything, she's saved me body and soul, and I cannot begin to love her enough to make up for it.

But I'm gonna try.

Saturday, on a cold and blustery dune looking out across the North Sea, fortunately...amazingly...and amid flocks of Dutch tourists hovering around us, she said "yes".

Amazing how so small a word can mean so much.
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Friday, September 04, 2015

Yep - still alive

...but busy. Developing for major brands and creating a goodly-sized project of my own.

And I paid for a few more years of the domain so stop bothering me for it.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Time for my Yearly Shits-&-Giggles Apple Event Prediction

Every year I dip my toe into the Apple Gossip Pool and try to guess what Cupertino will give us. So far I’ve been beaten silly by our favourite fruit company, but would that stop me? Of course not! Why would it? No one reads this site!

In my estimation, I see much of an across the board refresh.

So just to see if I’m smarter than the average bear (analyst), here goes nothing.  And I mean nothing.

* New iPhones - the 6 is a given, probably in 4.7” sizes, but I doubt the 5.5” is real. It’s too close to a iPad Mini, which only needs to get cheaper to explode (more on that to come).

* New iPads - Touch ID, new baseline at 32GB, maybe a cheaper model in colours like the 5C (which sold very well) targeted at the Target-Walmart demographic. Possibly lighter, hopefully cheaper, certainly 2x faster.

* New MacMini - How about a MacMini the size of a AppleTV? Bluetooth, wifi, ethernet - maybe an A8 chip to drive it…

* New iMac - Wild huh? Yep - a new “cheaper-but-not-really-cheaper” model was just released, but I wondered then if they were just looking for a way to dump the old design in schools in bulk. It’s not intended for direct to users - I think of that update as an education/industry model. But what if they could modularise the Mini into a iMac…hmm

• New AppleTV, or AppleHome - As befitting the new label, the renamed AppleTV is now the centre of your digital home. Plays videos, iOS games, minds your home through HomeKit, displays your health through HealthKit, accepts applications and plugin’s via extensions (Helloooo, Infuse, g’bye Jailbreaking). They’ll have the house on hand so you can walk around, and use it in-tendem with…

* And one more thing…iWatch - motion-tracing, e-payment, touch-id, BUT solar or motion powered. Low-power high-contrast display (hell, if Pebble can do it…) I think the hints are there.

This is for posterity - let’s see how well I do.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The jig is up…

Google’s latest web crawler, Penguin, is getting updated. This will likely mean the single-greatest shift concerning SEO, basically turning it on its head. Hopefully this is a shift towards from quality content and away from hits at all cost…

But there is a silver lining to all of this. With last year’s Panda release, and the more recent Penguin release, Google is going to flip SEO on its head. If Old SEO enabled some to fool a crawler into indexing borderline junk content to get high rankings, New SEO looks likely to take any notion of fooling anyone out of the equation.

Read more at AdAge…

Via Advertising Age...

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Monday, December 03, 2012

On the upside, at least this blog will go pro now…

It’s been a weird week for ExpressionEngine developers. While the direction Ellis Labs is taking is much needed, their communication skills gave many of us a “baby and the bathwater”-impression. Some screamed the sky is falling, while others shrugged. It does drive home one fact: no one CMS is perfect, if only because it’s not just about the developers using it, but the company behind it.

So now we wait and see.

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